Thursday, July 7, 2011

Heart to Art

A man Paints with his brain not with his hands

Last week I have a very busy week. I have to prepare for a report, research and a thesis problem. Being a graduating student is very exhausting. The good part is you learn how to be more productive and responsible. But the sad part is you become neurotic and insensitive caused by stressed from all the task you need to accomplish.And that give birth to conflict between me and people around me.

I know I'm not the only person who is experiencing this 'burn out" thing. Actually most of us is dealing with this , and some have bigger burden and complicated task compare to mine. But they'd handle it pretty well.And I was very thankful to my professor for introducing Art Therapy.It helped me to clear my mind and acknowledge my problem.

This art therapy is part of our lesson in the class. She let us experience how art therapy works. For some who's not familiar with art therapy, Art therapy is psychotherapeutic transference process where in symbolic self-expression is visible as communicated in the art. There are different kind of art therapies, and some of those interprets if someone is depressed, experiencing trauma and developing psychological disorder.

In our therapy session, we express our emotions through art. Everything that we desire and our hopes was put into a paper. It helped us to more motivated in spite a busy schedules and it helped us to release our stress and burdens.

When you are having a bad day. And you feel like screaming because of stress, hatred, burnout. I suggest, you go to a quite room. Get a pencil and a paper. And put all your negative feelings into art. I tell you it works!