Tuesday, December 23, 2008


Thats gossip girl all about.haha.

I am goosip girl addict. I know its cheesy but i love them.

I fall in love with the characters of the ever gorgeous Blair and Chuck.

Chuck and Blair are, simply put, perfect for each other. Chuck gets Blair, and Blair gets Chuck. They may fight and scheme and make ridiculous bets involving limos and human beings, but at the end of the day they love each other.

They are the perfect picture of love and hate realationship. They deserve each other.(Hindi naman ako masiyadong fan nila no? hindii nmn.*laugh*)

Here are some of my favorite lines from C B:

Chuck Bass: Not as much as I enjoyed the memory of you purring in my ear which I have been replaying over and over...
Blair Waldorf: Well erase the tape!
Blair Waldorf: Do you... 'like' me?
Chuck Bass: Define like.
Blair Waldorf: You have got to be kidding me.
Chuck Bass: How do you think I feel? I can't sleep! I feel sick, like there's something in my stomach... fluttering.
Blair Waldorf: Butterflies? Oh no, no, no, no no.

Chuck Bass: Who is that?
Blair Waldorf: Probably some bitch from Chapin.
Chuck Bass: A hot bitch from Chapin.
Chuck: We both know you'll do it again. It's just a question of when.
Blair: The answer is never.
Chuck: We're inevitable, Waldorf.
Blair: Despite what attraction my body has for you, my brain knows better, and yours should too. Gotta go! I have a disciplinary hearing.
Chuck: You're lying.
Blair: I am not.
Chuck: Your eyes are doing that thing where they don't match your mouth.
Blair: I wasn't aware that robots got jealous. Did they update your software while I was away?

.....but this one is the line that make them famous:

Chuck: You never belonged to Nate. Never have, never will.
Blair: 3words...8 letters...say it and i'm yours

WaaahH! i love them so0 much.
thanks to "dibidihan" in quiapo...i have completed the episodes of gossip girl season 1 and season 2.haha. Now im planning to buy the book series naman.(its so mahal.mag impok muna ako,but for those who already have a copy of the book...pahiram naman?)

you know you love me.xoxo.gossipgirl


Namamasyal ako kanina sa blogosphere. Nangapit bahay sa mga kapwa ko bloggera tulad ni ALING BABY,great maldito,morning bolero at emoterang probinsyana.
Matagal na din akong hindii nakapag blog hopping dahil sa pagiging busy(kuno.haha).
Si drama queen ay nag bagong bihis na....she's done with dramas....at color pink na ang blog.
maganda yan...its time to change...
Si tapsiboy naman....si doktora pa din ang laman ng blog.haha.
Of course hindi ko makakalimutan daanan ang mga paborito kong blog ni Sosyalera who's doing good with her new posts at si Enday na Donya na ngayon.(sana ako din.haha)

Uso ba ngaun ang pagko close ng mga blogs? let's play hide and seek na kasi ang drama ni "Regina's daily rants".
well regina i enjoyed reading your entries...hope to read more about you! Your life is interesting as a blogger naman e.


ang dami ko ideas ngayon na gusto i post.Kala ko,ako na ang susunod na magko close ng blog.Matagal din kasi hindi nakapag entry. Now im back.haha.

hello blogosphere! =)

the b*tch is back(review)

My favorite bi*tch is back....with a vengeance! After a back to back negative publicities and controvercies about her...britney spears has bounce back with her new album CIRCUS.
This is the sixth album of Britney Spears under Jive records and Sony Music Entertainment.
For me ...this is the best album of her after the "blackout" which also sold a million copy like what the circus is doing right now.
"Womanizer is the first single of the album...became #1 at the billboard hot 100. The album also includes the songs circus,out of under,kill the lights,amnesia(nyc song),blur,if you seek amy,rockboy,unusual you,mmmm papi,manequin,lace and leather,my baby and bonus tracks: radar, phonography and quicksand(my song for him.haha).

this is my favorite among the songs: listen to this(luv itt)

Radar - Britney Spears Music Code

I already told my friends,kuya and HIM that this is what I want this chrismas. But if they don't give this to me. I am going to buy a copy of this album as a gift for myself na lang.haha.

But i hope they will....:)

Monday, December 22, 2008


A conceited person never gets anywhere because he thinks he is already there.-Sri Guru Granth Sahib quotes

i know someone...very close to me...na sobrang mahal ang sarili at walang ibang nakikitang maganda at magaling kung hindii siya.

"siya...siya...siya na walang malay...na ang tanging naging kasalanan lang ay maging CONCEITED."

yes....she's pretty. But it doesn't mean na my karapatan na siyang manlait ng iba.
Ala akong keber kung nagpi feeling siya na dyosa....as long as hindi siya nakakatapak ng iba.

neng...try mo mag sturbucks minsan. para kabahan ka naman.


Wala akong ibig sabihin about sa blog entry na'to...nangangati lang ang kamay ko sa paggawa ng post.haha.


Fine i admit it;

i think of you every second of everyday,

you're my favourite subject to talk about.

when i hug you,i wish i could never let go.

most of all my dreams have you in them.

I always get excited when i see you again.

&& I'm completely in love with YOU.