Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Little things that makes me smile

They say it's hard to make a flower bloom. You should have knowledge about the art and the science of a flower. I don't know how to cut their stems or what should I put in the soil so it won't dry. But one day when I woke up I saw this red pinkish rose in my terrace.

All I ever did is refresh them with water!When I look at them. They seem like smiling back at me.
Yes! I do have a golden hands *LOL

When your morning starts and you are ready to go to your work or school. And when you realized that your day would be a hard day because of stress brought by your deadline for paperwork and a terror teacher. Start your day with thinking of the little things that you have accomplished the day before. Giving coffee to your office mate, giving seat to a pregnant woman is counted. Every person that you put smile in their faces is a great accomplishment. So start your day with a smile :)


Anonymous said...

malaki din siguro yung na-itulong ng mga chemicals mula sa yosi na itinatapon natin sa pasong yan no? hahaha. kidding aside, maganda nga yung mga flowers. kasing ganda ng mukha mo. any kindness you show to others, doesn't make you less of a man. and that's how you make people smile! :)

Goryo said...

From now on I will always smile... Pero pag nag-iisa ako indi ako mag iismayl lalo pag nasa gitna ako ng kalsada... ahihihi

Karen said...

Nice flower and pink! hehe :D

I'll keep that in mind. Smile2x!

ka bute said...

Naalala ko yung poem na all things bright and beautiful. :)